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Emergency Car Repair Tips When You Are Short of Cash
Having a car of your own feels good although it’s very expensive to do so too. The maintenance cost, fuel cost is already too much for the car owners but also car accidents can make you spend them then you could have imagined. The amount needed to get the car look brand new after being involved in a road accident can at times not be affordable making it hard to repair the car. However, in this article we will tell you how you can manage to repair your car even when you have no cash to do so.

The insurance can be a solution to your car repair. You need to consider your car insurance to stand for your car repair cost. What you need to know is to check what is covered by your insurance and the terms of compensation.

Compare the repair prices. Every auto repair service provider have different charges for the services. Ensure you have shopped from different auto repair shops until you get the shop with offers for the repair parts and services.

Look for someone who can barter for the services. In the off chance that you are aware of an auto repair expert that you can strike a barter deal with, for your car repair services then you can consider this as your option. In case you have no idea of such service provider consider Craiglist and for suggestions.

Fix the car on your own. Some simple things like changing your car battery, checking the oil level and or changing brake pads you can do it without the help of the mechanics. You can look for tutorials on how to do it and you will end up not only saving money but also gaining skills.

Use your credit card. If you consider the credit card that doesn’t accrue a lot of interest and also make sure you pay for the card everything month then it would be a good option to pay for your bills.

Take to the market some of your items for money. In case you have items in your home that are not used any way you case sell them to gain money from them. In the process you can maybe realize some lost cash or cheque for that matter. You can sell your items online with less struggle.

Get some money from the family members or friends. You can get money from friends and family members either a loan or as a gift. You have to know how exactly you talk to your friends or family members when asking for money.

Additionally you can look for mechanics that are willing to have an open payment for the services. Don’t wait until the work is done for you to speak your situation with the mechanic.

However, consider requesting for a loan. Although there are many types of loan for car repairs you will need to research these loans.